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Handling Technology

Technology and know-how ensure your success

In factory automation and in handling technology, AViTEQ drives and components provide for reliability in every situation and guarantee trouble-free operation and high availability of the systems. Parts conveyors and small conveyor equipment are key components in ordering, supply, individualization and positioning of mass parts in case of storage, conveying and dosing of bulk materials, in all process steps of the various industrial sectors.

The range of facilities extends from drives for factory automation, through components with corresponding controls and sensors, up to complex system solutions with different levels of integration. AViTEQ offers reliable and economical complete configurations worldwide, with comprehensive service, engineering and support for your manufacturing processes.

Orientation of parts by means of baffle plate equipment
(aligning elements)

Parts which move upwards on the spiral conveyor are disordered at first. However, they are supposed to leave separately and, above all, with a completely pre-determined orientation at the discharge. This is achieved by means of special mounted equipment, also chicanes. Incorrectly aligned parts drop back into the pot or are brought to another location. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the shape and center of gravity of the part are suitable for such alignment. In most cases this applies, nevertheless the alignment possibilities should be considered as early as the designing stage of the individual components, which must be mass processed later. In this way, complicated and expensive baffle plate equipment and chicanes can often be avoided.

Parts, which can be aligned with simple baffle plates, can be conveyed with parts conveyors with speeds up to 15 cm/s, in case of complicated chicanes, the useful conveying speed is considerably lower. The optimal speed can be continuously adjusted. The attainable discharge output quantity, however, is dependent not only on the conveying speed. Also the size and the percentage number of parts which arrive on the spiral already with the correct and required orientation, or which can be brought into the required orientation, is important.

To reach a sufficient quantity of parts inside an automatic process, a parts conveyer is adjusted to a slightly higher output. The “overflow” of parts falls back to the pot because of special design of itself. If this is not possible because of the parts shape or because of the installed baffle plate equipment, the parts conveyor must be temporarily switched off. The overflow control guarantees this automatically.

Partners create solutions

To reach the raising demands on economic viability and quality of solutions, we have specialized partners for manufacturing chicanes, following devices (e.g. isolating und positioning systems) and further special machinery. Your advantage: reasonable priced solutions just from one supplier, without any intersection problems between feeding machines and following devices.

Our long term partner inside this range is:


With a close co-operation we develop and manufacture your solution from simple vibration feeders up to the complete special machine.

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